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reydi garcia gil

Since he was small, Reydi was extremely interested in art, so he decided to follow that passion to become a great artist. Reydi was so enthusiastic about this goal, he opted to participate in an art contest that is held each year in Rio San Juan.


It was in these contests that he really showed his talent in public, and even won first place. When Reydi turned 17 years old, he graduated high school and began looking for a way that he could advance his goal. As time went by, Reydi met several artists from different countries with whom he got to work and to learn about various types of art.


This allowed him to learn alternate techniques and find new inspiration. That is when he met the students of Ani Art Academies Dominicana. At Ani, he felt interested and had the opportunity to study and continue to advance his artistic skills. The Ani Art curriculum has immensely helped his ability, and he now feels he has finally found the opportunity that will enable him to fulfill his lifelong goal.

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