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richard a. Moore III

My name is Richard A. Moore III, but usually, I just go by "Rick". My family, however, still seems to think it's appropriate to call me "Ricky", despite the fact I'm 43 (or older depending on when you read this). I have also just had my first child. Which is so strange, being as set in my ways as I've become (This alien little creature invading my space...It's a good thing he's adorable). Since I spend the majority of my time being OCD with clay, I'd never really considered having any kidlettes as a viable option until recently I guess.

As for college, I graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Fine Arts. My focus back then was in fact painting, which I have since abandoned in favor of 3-dimensional work. I do, however, still draw pretty regularly. My art life is pretty basic, and almost boring really. Sculpting, as well as drawing, is very time-consuming and solitary, so the majority of my time is spent in my studio...which is what I call my basement these days.

So between artwork, and whatever job I have at the moment to help pay the bills, all of my free time gets consumed by my sweetheart Danielle, and our little Beastie.

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