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sandra pratt

Sandra Pratt is an American painter who anchors her artistic vision in landscape, cityscape, and coastal painting. Her impressionist style is infused with boldness, spontaneity, and emotion, her every knife stroke strives to capture reality through the lens of her imagination and personal feelings. It is her unique experiences that enable her to bring seemingly ordinary scenes to life on canvas by employing a plethora of unconventional painting techniques.


My approach to making art is guided by intuition and intense observation of the subject.  The act of painting releases a stream of consciousness and creative energy that reveals my view of reality.  The tension between visual perception and engaging with the paint itself guides my process.  It straddles the line between realism and abstraction. Painting leaves a record of my experience.  It is my most poignant and genuine means of expression. My paintings are not intended to convey a specific message, but rather to evoke an emotion from the viewer. 

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