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sheri debow

Ever since I was little I’ve always had my hands on some form of art. I relish in creating something fun or amazing that others would think of as nothing there. Whether it’s a blank canvas or scraps of wood, wire, fabric or clay, I see possibilities in everything around me.

I did artwork all through school, it kept me feeling alive. I studied painting and drawing with professor Sakaguchi in Pasadena, Ca. and took sculpture courses under Phil Cornelius. I did a short apprenticeship under Franco Vianello in the Napa Valley. I also took courses under the “Mad Scientist” of clay, Micheal Maday. I was privileged to attend some life-changing workshops with the wonderful sculptor, Richard Carter and Sensei Kusakabe, who is an amazing ceramicists.

As a Mom to five wonderful children, the world went upside down for me when I started having kids. What I could work on had to be out of reach and mostly in the wee hours of the night. Although my art has had to wait many times, I wouldn’t trade away one minute of time spent with them. They have all stretched me farther as a person than I thought was possible. I blinked and already it has gone to walking, running, arguing, laughing and all of them shining with their own amazing thoughts and talents!

After years of painting and sculpting for myself I decided to stop playing it safe and force myself to be vulnerable & share my God-given ability. I had my first art show in Napa Valley and it was a great success. I realized it was time to start focusing on my art since it was already my passion. I have shown from New York, New Orleans out to San Francisco, L.A., and back! I now have pieces hanging all over the globe! I have been a full-time artist now for quite a few years and it is a constant labor of love. I pour so much of myself and my life into every piece of work, that at times, it is hard to let them go.

I have a slightly comical and often twisted view of marriage. I have also had an amazing life of extremes from childhood into adulthood, some things are wonderful, some things horrible! Since art is the greatest personal therapy it always manages to find its way into my work! Even though life can get crazy I LOVE it and art is air for me!

I hope you feel something genuine when you view my work. Whether it is joy, laughter, tears, spirituality, anger, struggle, sex, frustration, peace, or whimsy, I hope it evokes something true for you.

I hope it makes you stop and think. That is why I sculpt and paint. That is why I create. : )

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