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susan folwell 

“Where there is clay, there is hope.” ~ Susan Folwell

Born and raised in Santa Clara Pueblo, Susan grew up immersed in the world of traditional pueblo pottery.” It is the use of native clays and interpretation of native designs which creates the foundation for her art. Inspired by personal and world events, Susan’s pottery blends catharsis of the spirit with a love of the clay. Coil by coil, each piece is slowly brought to life. The form becomes the canvas for her designs, which are carved, etched, and painted onto and into the clay. The designs are a beautiful and cautious blend of innovation and tradition, ideal and metaphor, spiritual and social. When each piece is finished, Susan knows as an artist that she has presented a moment of herself into the clay and her personal expression continues to find a voice in her art.

“Susan Folwell’s pottery is like reading a book, as each piece must be turned, examined and viewed from different angles to understand the whole story.” – American Indian Art Magazine