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(b.1995)  Jamaican-born, Taffari Crawford moved to the island of Anguilla at the age of seven. While in primary school, he noticed an interest in creative thinking and a “natural skill” for drawing and painting. In high school, he would also realize an interest in many more aspects of art. He would spend a lot of his time researching art history in the local library or clicking around online, looking at contemporary art galleries’ websites and artists’ websites. He would also create and sell his artwork at this time; crafted sculptures of figures made from recycled objects, including wicker, canvas, etc., and some small sketches. He had imagined himself going to art school and at some point, in his life, being a full-time multidisciplinary artist operating in the contemporary art world. Finance (or a lack of), he would later learn; slicing through the haze of his blissful naiveté caused by excessive daydreams and brilliant research sessions by his lonesome, finance would prove to be a most formidable hindrance in this pursuit. Such is the usual story. He considers himself lucky to have discovered the ÀNI Art Academies Anguilla at a college fair during his final years of high school. After a few applications, he was accepted into the school and studied the curriculum instructed by Timothy Jahn. He has since finished the program (2018) and is now an instructor at the ÀNI Art Academies Anguilla.

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