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tony lombardo

Tony Lombardo works in oils creating allegorical figurative paintings in a representational manner. Inspired by 19th-century academic paintings and the Golden Age of American Illustration, his work explores ideas about creativity and the hard work that it entails.


The realistic manner in which he works is a straightforward way to communicate and express ideas without relying on stylistic effects.

“I am presently working on a series of paintings that combine my love of 80s computer graphics with figures and settings from the Baroque and Rococo periods of art. I am employing this visual language to comment on contemporary representational art-making as it relates to art movements of the past. I’m working with modern oil colors to bridge the gap between the era that defined my visual sensibilities (the 1980s) and the classical art that I love.”

Tony earned his BFA from the School of Visual Arts and lives in New York City.