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bill evans

Bill Evans has been working with wood as a hobbyist for most of his adult life, making beautiful pieces of furniture for family, along with the occasional commissioned item. In 2001 he was introduced to the world of woodturning when his wife gave him a mini-lathe for Christmas. Bill laughs as he says, “That was the beginning and the beginning in turning and my end to everything else!” Since that time, his skills have grown as he studied under some of the most accomplished turners from this country and abroad. After a few years, he began to include carving and other embellishments to his turned pieces. Bill prefers the larger projects, using figured wood with unique characteristics, resulting in unusual, one-of-a-kind creations. Every year he challenges himself to add a new design element or technique to his work. Bill’s designs are currently in private collections across the United States and Mexico.

In a life before turning, Bill grew up at Father Flanagan’s Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. After graduation, he joined the Army. He had a successful career as an Arabian horse trainer and ranch manager for over 30 years.

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