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David Kammerzell

David Kammerzell paints objects, landscapes, figures, and collage-type imagery with a distinctly romantic air. All of his paintings are grounded in visually strong compositions and executed in vibrant colors. He employs the vocabulary of advertising and illustration, evoking the golden era of advertising of mid 20th century. He seeks to put the viewer in a narrative where the boundaries of memory and longing are blurred. His work is informed by the great illustrators of the early 20th century and pop culture. Either overtly or subtly, these influences are usually prevalent.

In the early 90s David began working in television creating graphic animations for CBS Channel 4 in Denver. Three years later he moved to Starz, a premium cable network. He received many industry awards there including regional Emmys and BDA Silvers. After being promoted several times, he eventually became the head of the department, Director of On-Air Design, overseeing a staff of 12 designers and animators. During all of that time, he painted on the side whenever time would allow. Early in 2013, after nearly 20 years at Starz, he left his position there to pursue painting full time.

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