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Diane Davich-Craig

Contemporary realist, Diane Davich-Craig lives with her husband and 3 dogs in Nashville, TN. Some of her favorite subjects to paint are neon signs, leather, reflective surfaces, and humorous still life. Diane developed an interest in neon signs having grown up in a nearby small town and making family visits to Nashville and seeing the lights of the big city. Her other subjects reflect her need to explore texture, reflection, and many times the patina of time-worn character. Having things that are worn over time expresses that these items have been useful and loved and fits into the positive, colorful, and uplifting messages that are present in her work.

Among the awards received by Diane are from: Artist Magazine - First Place in Still Life, multiple Finalists in Still LIfe and Honorable mention in Landscape, International Artist Magazine - Finalist in Still Life, Southwest Art Magazine- Runner up in Still Life, Women Painters of the Southeast - Outstanding Still Life, National Portrait Society - Finalists in Still Life, as well as the Nashville Arts Magazine winner of a solo show at the Custom’s House Museum in Clarksville, TN. Recently Diane was a featured artist on Tennessee Crossroads, a beloved Tennessee Public Television show. In addition, International Artist Magazine published an in-depth demonstration of her techniques as a detail-oriented painter.

Diane has studied in workshops at Ani Art Academy with Anthony Waichulis. She has also studied with Charles Brindley and Lisa Earnst. Prior to her life as a painter, she enjoyed a career as a professional flutist in Nashville. Diane led and performed regularly with the Nashville Chamber Players for many events around the Nashville area. Some of their more famous clients to perform for were Johnny Cash, Reba McEntire, and James Garner. Among some of her favorite jobs as a flutist have been working as principal flutist for Pavarotti on a television special, playing for Three Dog Night for a PBS special, and playing Broadway touring company productions when they came to Nashville.

Diane Davich-Craig Instructional Video
Studio Tour with Diane
Work in Progress "You Are My Sunshine"
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