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john whytock

John has been a professional, award-winning artist since 1979. In his studio and on-site, he has painted murals for hotels, casinos, and private parties throughout the world, including over 150 for Las Vegas businesses, alone. His fine art has been shown in galleries from San Francisco to New York City.

Beginning with the commission of four pen and ink drawings, and as an in-house illustrator for an Orange County media production company that produced health training films for Saudi Arabian National Television, John quickly progressed to becoming the head of their video department. In 1982, he resigned and took a position as an artist in a prominent southern California mural studio. In the course of three years there, he became the principal artist, which encompassed designing and painting special orders for a variety of establishments and creating prototypes that were then reproduced by other staff artists. He ventured out on his own in 1986 upon winning a mural competition for the San Juan Capistrano Missions' Rancho Room Museum. He was commissioned by numerous studios, architects, and designers during the following years to complete projects throughout the U.S. The completion of a mural in the new Monte Carlo Resort and Casinos' buffet area in 1995 led to a single contract to paint over 30 murals for the $700,000,000 remodel project at the Luxor in 1996. Nearly 20 years later he remains an established and sought-after artist. In December 2017 he finished a lengthy commission for The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum and The Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium, both in Springfield, Missouri.

In January 2018, John resumed painting fine art, and by the end of the year had won a total of 10 awards for his representational oil paintings. He has also begun to share his vast knowledge by offering classes and workshops in drawing and painting. John and his wife, Deborah, own Oak Rose Studio in Springfield, Missouri. Through the studio, they offer select works, prints, classes, and workshops, and take orders for commissions.

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