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nancy von der launitz

Nancy Von der Launitz was born in Southern California, where she reveled in the tales of her grandmother, a former countess, who later escaped communist Russia.

Nancy always found great joy in hearing her interesting stories of life as a young Aristocrat in Imperial Russia. Working in layers, an old master's techniques, she has a flair for making the old look new and has been told by many that her work has a vintage, yet theatrical flair. Nancy attributes this flair to her first career as a dancer at the MGM Grand. As a professional dancer, she wore glamorous costumes while entertaining thousands each night.

Also, as a recognized makeup artist in the fashion and entertainment industry, Nancy has worked with many of the top photographers of their time such as world-renowned photographer Herb Ritts for French Vogue. She also worked on music videos with the likes of Christina Aguilera. Her varied careers have served as great inspiration for her works of art.

Over the past few years, Nancy has had the opportunity to study under two great living masters; the talented Alexandra Manukyan, who portrays the psychological condition of the characters she paints in her work so movingly, and Jeremy Lipking, an artist whose artistic output includes the most classical of artistic subjects, the human figure.

Her exquisite taste is reflected in the finely detailed paintings that she is known for. A descendant of German expressionist, Sibylle Ascheberg Von Bamberg, and German sculptors, Eduard Schmidt Von der Launitz and Robert Eberhart Schmidt Von der Launitz, Nancy has been blessed with an inherited natural-born talent that she is honored to share with others.

As a versatile artist, Nancy offers a combination of realism in idealistic settings. Having received many awards for her work, she is quickly being recognized as an up-and-coming artist by her peers.

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