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Natalie wiseman

Natalie Wiseman is a contemporary realist and, at times, borderline surrealist still life painter. The line between the two gets blurred as images of toys, food, lingerie, and American popular culture collide to reveal a life that is anything but still.

Natalie earned a bachelor's degree in art from Missouri Southern State University in 1991. She credits marriage and motherhood, along with past experiences as a newspaper cartoonist, interior design project manager, mural painter, and liquor store wine room manager to be significant influences in the evolution of her art and its themes. A mother of three, she utilizes all too plentiful pieces of household debris to build playful yet complex lasagna-like compositions that are as much about revealing trains of thought and the creative process as they are about accurately representing the objects themselves.

Natalie resides in Joplin Missouri where her art has won numerous local and regional awards. Much of it now hangs in private collections throughout the United States.