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todd ford

Intentionally blurring the definition of photorealism, Todd Ford adds a very unique and identifiable artistic profile to Lovetts Gallery. More interested in the “feeling’ of an object rather than its natural hard lines, Todd creates evocative work of seeming simplicity. However, with closer attention, his work exudes a palatable, yet subtle, sensuality.

“I believe making art is about making choices. Broad and general to the smallest of details; choices are what make painting and the creative process so appealing to me. I paint in a style that is akin to photorealism but certainly wouldn’t classify my work as true photorealism. I am much more interested in creating work that is a synthesis of my own vision and sensibilities without the strict confinements of true photorealism.

I am currently a full-time art teacher at a large high school in Denton, Texas. I serve as the Art Department Chair at my school and also as the Secondary Fine Arts Council Representative for Denton ISD. I have been teaching since 1996 when I graduated from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma with a B.A. in Art Education, and a minor in studio art. I considered graduate school to focus on painting but decided to start my career as a teacher. I quickly found that I had less and less time to paint, and eventually none.

For several years, I rarely created any art, even though I was an art teacher! I did loads of project samples, filled many sketchbooks, and took an occasional commission piece, but that was about it. As far as my art, I just had no time, or so I thought. In 2005 I decided I wanted to paint again with the passion and commitment I had while still in college. So, I didn’t try to make time to paint, I made time to paint. I haven’t stopped since.”

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