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gene pearson

Gene Pearson’s work has for many years been admired by artists and collectors. His art has an elemental beauty causing many of his followers to collect more than one piece. The former Jamaica School of Art lecturer paints and sketches, but it is his signature Nubian masks and heads for which he has become known internationally.

Mr. Pearson’s creative career, spanning four decades, has seen his art placed in many of the fine homes and galleries of the world. His work represents the highest ideals of Jamaican art. It is frequently presented as gifts by Jamaican Prime Ministers to visiting dignitaries, including Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela.

Gene Pearson, born in 1946 in St. Catherine, Jamaica, is a 1965 graduate of the Jamaica School of Art (Now the Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts). He has taught at several high schools and the Jamaica School of Art; and exhibited widely in Jamaica and overseas including The Victoria and Albert Museum in London and UC Berkeley in Berkeley, California.

His work appears on the Jamaican $1.40 stamp released on 26th April 1993 depicting “Jamaica Ceramics” from the Hardingham Collection.

His work is presented in films such as “Trapper John M.D.”, publications, and leading corporate and private collections internationally including the private collections of Celebrities such as Mr. Stevie Wonder, Musician; Ms. Diahann Carrol, American Actress of “Dynasty”; Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California; The late Ms. Roxy Roker of “The Jeffersons”; Ms. Alice Walker, Author of the book and movie, “The Color Purple”; The Late Ms. Madge Sinclair of “Trapper John M.D.”; Ms. Tyne Daley of “Cagney & Lacey” and others.

Sadly, Gene passed away in 2018. When alive, he would split his time between his home in Jamaica, the Potter’s Studio in Berkely, CA, and visiting exhibitions in Dallas, New York, London, Miami, and California.