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lisa keay

My paintings are a reflection of my innermost understanding of what I believe to be philosophical truths. As I explore ancient theories and esoteric teachings and symbolism I create allegories visually in my mind as a way of putting it all together in a conceptual way. Over time these become the narratives in my paintings.

In studying symbolisms, as they were originally intended, I find a symbol can convey a powerful meaning deeper than can be expressed simply with words: Often with many levels of meaning depending on the understanding of the viewer.

Allegory, symbolism, and the use of metal leafing have become the forefront in my paintings all the while maintaining beauty and captivating quality. The subject matter is most often carried by the female form and the underlying meanings are most often subtle enough to be left as a beautiful mystery or recognizable to the discerning eye as it is in mythologies, encouraging the viewer to look deeper.