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Originally a sequential artist and digital painter for fifteen years in the comic and gaming industry, he found the importance of composition, conceptual development, and creating a story through his work. These base fundamentals he learned would eventually lead him to fine art with his primary medium being oil paint.

Drawn to the brilliant works of impressionism done by old and modern masters, Scott uses an array of wet on wet techniques prioritizing thick brushstrokes, strong light sources, and a limited palette in his paintings. Growing up in old colonial and Victorian homes surrounded by the wilderness of Pennsylvania, Scott's interest in historic architecture, memorabilia, and animals are reflected in his work creating a contrast in his portraits of threatened and endangered wildlife.

During his childhood on his family's farm, nearly every day was spent trying to catch or view some sort of wildlife with his tattered (and sometimes waterlogged) Audubon field guide tucked under his arm. After running himself ragged from adventures he would return to a home filled with antiques and tools from an era where everything had an organic quality to them. It's no wonder that these objects would ingrain themselves into him and become favorite subjects to paint decades later.

Currently Scott lives on his own patch of wilderness with his wife, son, and far too many chickens. Like his mother before him, he is at the beck and call of his son to show him how to draw every form of wildlife that they find together on their adventures.

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