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sandy greenfield

Sandy Greenfield has always loved the colors of fabric and jewelry. As a young girl, she made doll clothes out of discarded satin scraps and sequins from her sister’s dance costumes. She would walk to the neighborhood five-and-dime store to buy pieces of fabric to make more doll clothes, and costume jewelry for herself.

Her love of fabric continued into adulthood. One day while in the fabric shop, she saw someone buying a dozen or so fabrics. Curiously she asked what the purchaser was making with so many patterns, and learned it was for a patchwork jacket. That seemed like a perfect use of loads of fabric, and this began Sandy’s journey into making quilts. Her quilts have won several awards, and have been featured in The Jewish Museum in New York City, Quilter’s Newsletter magazine, and various juried shows.

Sandy’s love of color and all things shiny grew into a passion for precious and semi-precious jewelry. After commissioning several necklaces and earrings for herself, she became interested in making her own jewelry. That just fueled her interest in gemstones, tribal and ethnic designs, and beads of almost every kind. Sandy is now an emerging designer of jewelry. Her pieces have won accolades and multiple awards in the Albuquerque area, where she is a member of The Bead Society of New Mexico. Living in New Mexico and reflecting the creative spirit and soul found in the Southwest, her work reflects quality, creativity, value, and uniqueness. Her creations are growing in popularity.

Sandy’s preferred style of necklaces is hand-crafted multi-strand stringing with a variety of stone types within a single necklace. The necklaces each most typically contain five or more types of precious and/or semi-precious stones and metals, or a variety of African and Tibetan trade beads. She especially loves all shades of turquoise, spiny oyster shells, and ethnic beads.

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