Fired Up
Item# 109337

Oil on Panel
Dimensions (does not include frame size)
12" x 12"
Framed by Artist
*Gallery not responsible for framing done by artists

Eventing is the ultimate test of a horse and rider and has been referred to as the Triathlon of equestrian sport. Through tests in dressage, cross country, and show jumping, the horse and rider work together to show that they can compete in the most demanding and highest levels of equestrian sports. During the cross country event, this horse was pulled up because the horse and rider ahead of them on the course fell at a jump. I happened to be right along the course as this happened with my camera. This horse was lathered up and amped to keep running. I took many photos of him as his rider circled him right in front of me trying to calm the horse down. From these photos, I was inspired to paint "Fired Up".