lauren berley

Lauren’s work in multiple disciplines mirrors her cinematic and intimate experience of the world, polarity, and what it means to be human. Her imagery is powerful, honest, polished, and stylized.

For over two decades, she has been fortunate to see her photography in publications and projections on both coasts and abroad and to serve as a liaison between the gritty wasteland of Ground Zero and the museums, historical institutions, and educational facilities that forever tell the story of 9.11.2001.

In her twenties, Lauren began a career in Los Angeles, photographing young Hollywood and its glossy fashion, an environment where she developed a raw and honest style. Since then she has broadened her subject matter and materials, while her insatiable, edgy curiosity has only grown.

“I have never lived on the surface. I can’t function there.”

In 2013 Lauren set aside the camera for a spell and began painting and experimenting with mixed-media under the mentorship of Denver contemporary artist Michael Dowling. She has found working with new tools invigorating, spontaneous, and playful, feeling it in her work and in her person.

Recent works speak of childlike curiosity about animals and the patterns of the natural world, while exploring the themes of rank, status, and self-definition in the human world.

“Many things make me laugh for no real reason other than I can’t believe this thing exists. I believe my rebellion against the un-thinking weaves a thread of tension throughout my otherwise-whimsical canvases, imagery, and self.”

Lauren currently lives and works in Fayetteville, AR where she small-scale farms, photographs, makes artworks in mixed-media, teaches, and continues to marvel at both nature and humanity.